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What do you know or think of Dave Kikel Custom Cues? I found one I like, but have never shot with one before. I'm only looking for opinions on this,...

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It was only then that Dave put it all together to form Kikel Custom Cues. The long points also feature an Ivory spear engraved with a red spear, and an Ivory dot below. Find all posts by Benny. The veneer colors are just perfect in this cue. They do hold most of their re-sale value. It looks like a sneaky pete cue.. But it's in play that Dave's remarkable skills become undeniably evident.

Kikel Custom Cues

Leaf 1 Recto 2. Thuya Burl Abut cap: Kikel 20th Ann Forearm: Crave Kikel 20th Ann Tie-pin style: Morri Med Protectors: That Dave Kikel 20th Anniversary hint is breathtaking! Dave Kikel commemorated his 20th anniversary in cuemaking by means of making a series of one-of-a-kind 20th anniversary cues. In my evaluation, that is the superior of the clump. the finest of the finest materials were reach-me-down. There is a shining knell out of sight the bumper engraved to label each 20th anniversary prompt.

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Love egg Dave Kikel Custom Cue with 2 shafts. Saliva exchange Grandma sucks son Black ghetto sex pictures Dave Kikel's reputation for crafting cues with a sublime combination of beauty and playability has lifted him into the elite ranks of master cuemaker in less than a decade.
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David tries to make his two-piece cues hit like one-piece cues. Black Walnut Burl Ring work: You will notice a blackening to the surface. There is a silver ring under the bumper engraved to mark each 20th anniversary cue. Even in the company of other masterworks, Kikel Cues set themselves apart.

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Kikel custom cues

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Nicky Sticks Cues offers great prices on your pool needs. nick Stevens pool cues. A personal website displaying a unique collection of custom cue sticks, some available for...