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We sit around a glass coffee table. The room is clean and modern, the furnishings are that chicken soup colour favoured by architects — and expensive private clinics. Which is...

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The boys are rough and running around with guns. Robert and Susan had a second boy. So British couples wanting to choose the sex of their child must now go abroad, and the most common choice is the US, where sex selection is legal in every state. The British were the pioneers in in vitro technology. But, sooner or later, the law in the UK may change. Last year, Steinberg announced his clinics would soon be offering his PGD patients the chance to select not only the sex of their babies, but also their eye and hair colour, and complexion.

But Steinberg's clinic treats 25 to 30 British patients a year, while Rainsbury sees 70 to 80 women.

But because they can't quite understand how they ended up having three boys in the first place. Then Nicola got pregnant again. These communities act as a hothouse for what in the past might have gone unsaid. Of course I know. It is rare, he says, for people to sex select when they have no children already.

Usually it's a girl.

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