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Filter by Age Gender -- Reset filters By using this site you agree to our Terms of Service. We can not guarantee their accuracy or validity. We are not responsible for them or the content they link to in any way. Before you computer people get excited and think im good with computers Im looking for someone whos interested in just friendship and would like to discuss the dark deep stuff that lives within our minds. Sure i care about your favourite cereal but what does all bran flakes have to say about your character other than you having good regular bowel movements: D I want to know the real you.

I'm a kind girl I'm 18 and from south Africa

I'm happy to help you immerse yourself in the My name is Alina. I am from Australia, living in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Will answer all suitable replies. Bekarys November 4,

Fidelity: What is and isn't okay?


ZombieZum: She's extremely gorgeous. Slavic girls are the most beautiful in the world. They have great personalities as well and are nog whores. Unlike Dutch girls. The only fucking thing Dutch girls care about is money.

Hal Liganbar: Porque al de Chile se le entiende?

Ayla Iftikhar: Also why the fuck are they blind folded. makes zero sense

SCRUMBAGS: Shitty polish accent.

MusicAddict: This is so correct in so many ways

Saab Singh: I like the girls at the beginning complaning about the guys that go to the gym while it looks like they haven't broke a sweat in ten years.

Alexia S.A.: This is so inaccurate

Neta Engler: Wow, first girl from Portugal, who are you, whats your name? me encantaste.

Bea Triz: Northern English lady here and I can honestly say I'm nothing like that at all. I'm pretty confused by how that's the general perception of us ?

Noorya Ahmed: They make a cute couple!

I used this site just over ten years ago and thought I'd give it another try after coming across it accidentally in my bookmarks. You made my dream come true. What is a language exchange? IF interested, write to me! I live with depression and anxiety on a daily basis, not seeking sympathy, or advice.


These hardies can be signed as per your interests.

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  • Kazakh pen pals for exchange of language and cultures. Follow guidelines for Hi, I have started learning...

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