This bikini is our most famous suit ever! Each piece is individually hand-cut to get that raw edge look. This bikini is...

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  • Diamond Head Chamois - This bikini is our most famous suit...
  • DIAMOND HEAD CHAMOIS BIKINI | Fiji Swimwear – Quality Swimwear at Discount Prices
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Jason Sykes: Make one about Portuguese woman!

Ariana C: Totally agree! (Spain)

Kirill Zotov: Dated a Ukrainian girl, much the same story! Great video! :D

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Trine_hansen: Everything was pretty accurate, except being late in my case, I'd rather be there 20 min earlier than late

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Cinewill P: Russian women aren't attracted to noodles.

Diamante Dea: The Italian actor was terrible, and as an Italian I can tell you that the most hated thing is the slow process, it makes us crazy, mostly because Italian women are doing it all the damn time (in Italian is called tirarsela), believing their pussy is pure gold, so when we see a foreign we think finally! Some fresh air and bluntness! so please do not listen don't try to ruin this moments.

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  1. Using sob-stories as a way to deceivingly squeeze empathy out of your viewers and self-victimize*

  2. This is fucking bullshit Sam pepper did nothing wrong,yes he might of done that stupid video but this bitch is so fucking fake

  3. Go you lady! Hell to the yeah. Eat those facts people (; they taste good dont they.

  4. The second this video started I thought, I bet it was Ark music factory. and low and behold. :P

  5. You wanna know what else is in Thailand and Indonesia, laws against being a homosexual.

  6. 23. this is more of a mens issue than women. men are not allowed to be emotional or weak in a lot of communities.

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These unfettered certificates are dedicated to you past stores homologous JCpenny, Wallmart, The Olive Garden, and so forth. So are there...


Diamond head bikini

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This bikini is our most famous suit ever and is now available in ivory as Limited Edition! We have taken soft, washable Lambskin and specially....